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Metal Forming Applications that Use FortiPhy Hard Surface Coatings

Die Casting Applications Using FortiPhy Chromium-Nitride (CrN) Surface Coatings

Injection Molding Applications Using FortiPhy UltraEnduranceSM Thin-Film Surface Coating

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High-Performance FortiPhySM Hard Surface Coating Reduces Friction and Increases Toughness in Chain Link Tool and Die Applications

Phygen’s hard surface coating, FortiPhy tool coating, increases toughness and chain link forming applications.Chain forming is an extremely high-wear process, which really can shorten the life of precision tooling. In this process, relatively hard and abrasive cold-forming wire is impacted with forming dies to shape each chain link. The metal is subjected to high pressure, well beyond its elastic limit. Uncoated tools can fail quickly. Ordinary high-temperature coatings can help, but the combination of high pressure and abrasive material can overcome the adhesive strength of tool coatings and peel them off in a matter of hours.

This kind of cold-forming really demands an ultra endurance coating. Phygen FortiPhy UltraEnduranceSM coating toughens tool surfaces to ensure maximum life, and reduces friction to keep high-output tools running smoothly.

As managers focus more and more on the bottom line, smart tool designers keep an eye out for technology that can improve the output and uptime of their tools. Often, the most cost-effective process improvement comes from minimizing tooling wear and reducing failure. High-performance FortiPhy tool and die coatings by Phygen reduce friction and increase toughness, to keep tooling up and running longer.

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