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Metal Forming Applications that Use FortiPhy Hard Surface Coatings

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FortiPhySM High-Performance Metal Surface Coatings from Phygen Work Well in Cold Drawing Applications

High-performance coating, metal surface coatings for cold drawing dies.Surface engineering is critical to extending the life of precision dies. High-performance FortiPhySM coatings by Phygen can help manufacturers keep critical tooling running longer. Cold drawing processes produce high-quality precision parts at high production rates. Unlike machining in which metal is removed, cold drawing uses tough dies and large presses to apply high pressure to reform metal. The material, typically sheet metal, flat plate, or bar stock, undergoes plastic deformation as it is formed into finished parts. Because the grain structure of the metal tends to follow the part contours, cold drawing produces stronger parts than those typically produced by machining. In addition, drawing processes use less coolant and generate less scrap metal.

Cold drawing dies require precise clearances to ensure that metal flows properly during forming operations. Friction must be overcome as quickly as possible and remain low during the entire operation. High pressure forming, such as very deep draws, can generate intense heat and cause welding, galling, or seizure. Abrasive wear can be a big problem with some materials.
Uncoated tools can fail quickly. Ordinary coatings can help, but the combination of high pressure, heat, and abrasive material can overcome the adhesive strength of the coatings and peel them off in a matter of hours. High-temperature coatings can cause large draw rings to warp or go out of tolerance.

FortiPhy UltraEnduranceSM coatings are applied using a patented process that ensures an unprecedented level of process control, coating uniformity, and adhesion. A key benefit of FortiPhy metal surface coating's nanocrystalline microstructure is the low coefficient of friction. Its nanocrystalline structure is free of pores, columnar structures, and inclusions, any of which could lead to cracks, corrosion, and uneven wear.

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