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Metal Forming Applications that Use FortiPhy Hard Surface Coatings

Die Casting Applications Using FortiPhy Chromium-Nitride (CrN) Surface Coatings

Injection Molding Applications Using FortiPhy UltraEnduranceSM Thin-Film Surface Coating

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FortiPhySM Thin Film Tool and Die Coatings from Phygen Help with Cold-Formed Tubing Challenges

Tubing can be cold-formed into a variety of cylindrical parts by bending it to precise angles, and by stamping or rolling it to modify tube diameter. High friction during forming often causes galling, tool marks, buckling, and other stress concentrators that can cause parts to be rejected. Phygen FortiPhySM thin film tool coating ensures that tooling will stay precise.

Because microscopic grain structure, alloy composition, and annealing processes can vary from one production run of tube stock to the next. Tooling such as mandrels can work fine on one run and fail on the next. Setup and tool changes are time-consuming and reduce part output to zero, making tool failure costly in terms of both rejected parts and lost time.

Welded tubing has a continuous bead running along its entire length that is extremely hard compared to the rest of the tube. Standard practice calls for welded tubing to be annealed to equalize hardness throughout the circumference of the tube before increasing, decreasing, or flaring the diameter.

Annealed tubing is a little more costly and sometimes in shorter supply. Thus, cost-cutting initiatives can lead a manufacturer to try forming welded tubing “off the mill.” Forming without annealing the weld is asking for trouble. Not only does weld hardness approach that of the tooling, the welded area resists solid film lubricant. Without lubrication, parts hang up and forming dies and mandrels fail quickly. Uncoated tools can fail after only a short run. Ordinary high-temperature coatings can help, but do not always meet expectations.

Tube stock variations add to the toolmaker's headaches, and challenge the goal of producing precise, well-finished, and uniformly formed tubular parts throughout a production run. FortiPhySM Thin Film Tool and Die Coatings by Phygen toughens tool surfaces to ensure maximum life, and reduces friction to keep high-output tools running smoothly.

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