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FortiPhySM Chromium-Nitride (CrN) Tool Coatings from Phygen Help in Automotive Engine Wear Reduction Applications

Chromium-nitride coating, CrN tool coating for automotive stamping die coating.Automotive engineers have worked hard to combat the problem of engine wear. Improved machining and assembly processes, new designs with fewer moving parts, and improvements in oil and oil filtration have resulted in longer engine life and more efficient operation. Still, there are areas that wear more than they should. High-performance FortiPhySM coatings by Phygen can reduce friction and increase wear resistance. FortiPhy CrN is a super-thin coating with exceptionally high adhesion. It is applied using a patented process that ensures an unprecedented level of process control and coating uniformity.

Piston rings, for example, travel a great distance during their normal life, without the benefit of positive lubrication. In a diesel semi tractor engine, cruising at 1,500 rpm, each piston ring travels a linear distance of more than 20 miles each hour, lubricated mostly by the diesel fuel itself. Air filter failure and improper maintenance can lead to increased abrasion. When rings wear, compression loss leads to power reduction and increased oil consumption. Repairs are costly and take a valuable asset out of service. Today's piston rings typically are coated or plated, yet they still require a lot of maintenance. Piston ring life can be extended greatly through the application of ultra endurance coatings.

FortiPhy thin-film surface coating's nanocrystalline structure is free of pores, columnar structures, and inclusions, any of which could lead to cracks, corrosion, and uneven wear. A key benefit of FortiPhy’s nanocrystalline microstructure is its low coefficient of friction, which is lower than most commonly used polymers and polycarbonate materials.

At the request of a major engine component manufacturer, Phygen is participating in research and development for diesel engine wear reduction. So far, FortiPhy chromium-nitride coated rings have lasted five times longer than the best high-temperature commercially coated rings.

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