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FortiPhySM Chromium-Nitride (CrN) Coatings Toughen Tool Surfaces to Reduce Friction in Cold-Forming Fastener-Making Applications

Chromium-nitride coating, CrN tool coating for cold-formed fasteners.In the fastener-making industry, “output” can mean hundreds of thousands of parts. Acceptable machine “uptime” sometimes is measured in days. Setup and tool changes often can eat up the better part of a day, reducing output to zero. Therefore, tool failure is costly in terms of both dollars and lost time. Surface engineering is critical to extending the life of tooling. High-performance FortiPhySM tool coatings by Phygen can help manufacturers keep critical tooling running longer.

Thread forming is hard on tools, but fastener head forming presents the real challenge. Cold-heading of hard steel fastener heads is an extremely high-wear process that really can shorten the life of precision tooling. In this process, relatively hard cold-forming wire is impacted with forming dies to shape the fastener head. The metal is subjected to high pressure, well beyond its elastic limit. One or multiple blows are used to form the precise head shape and size required. Depending upon the type of screw, recessed or external drive tool profiles must be formed. Uncoated tools can fail after only a short run. Ordinary high-temperature coatings can help, but even they sometimes don't make the grade.

Cold forming produces better-quality fasteners than those produced by machining. Cold-formed fasteners are specified for critical applications, where higher tensile strength and better finishes are required. This adds to the toolmaker's challenge of maintaining the quality of precise, well-finished, and uniform parts throughout a production run. Phygen FortiPhySM chromium-nitride (CrN) coatings toughen tool surfaces to ensure maximum life, and reduce friction to keep high-output tools running smoothly.

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