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High-Performance FortiPhySM CrN Thin Film Tool Coatings from Phygen Can Help Biomedical Component Manufacturers with Challenges

High strength alloy coating, thin film tool coatings for biomedical tools.Surgically implanted components are designed to repair damage, reverse deterioration, and improve quality of life. Biocompatible medical implants must be chemically inert to prevent adverse reactions and rejection. Precision moving surfaces must have low friction characteristics to ensure smooth operation. All surfaces of an implant must be durable and corrosion resistant to ensure long, useful component life and trouble-free operation.

Surface engineering, especially in areas of relative motion, is critical to extending the life of stainless steel, titanium, and other advanced materials. When wear occurs, the resulting byproducts must not be capable of embedding in nearby tissue and causing discomfort (a drawback of some polycarbonates).

High-performance FortiPhySM coatings, high strength alloy coating from Phygen can help biomedical component manufacturers meet these requirements. FortiPhy CrN is a thin film coating, applied using a patented process that ensures an unprecedented level of process control, coating uniformity, and adhesion. Its nanocrystalline structure is free of pores, columnar structures, and inclusions, any of which could lead to cracks, corrosion, and uneven wear. A key benefit of FortiPhy’s nanocrystalline microstructure is its low coefficient of friction, which is lower than most commonly used polymers and polycarbonate materials.

At the request of a major biomedical manufacturer, Phygen currently is participating in research and development for the use of ultra endurance coatings on the next-generation of replacement joints.

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