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In a variety of applications and industries, Phygen has provided cost-effective solutions to tough tooling problems.

UltraEnduranceSM FortiPhySM coatings by Phygen reduce friction and increase toughness, to maximize the life of engineered components.




Phygen CVD/PVD Surface Coatings Provide Reduced Wear in Tool and Die Applications

FortiPhySM PVD tool coatings by Phygen toughen metal surfaces for reduced tool wear.FortiPhySM CrN coatings by Phygen toughen metal surfaces to ensure maximum life. FortiPhy thin-film coatings improve wear resistance and reduce friction to keep a variety of engineered components operating smoothly. For detailed information about how FortiPhy tool coatings solve tough friction and wear problems, choose the application you are interested in from the list below.

...extend the life and improve productivity of tooling for:

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