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Metal Forming Applications that Use FortiPhy Hard Surface Coatings

Die Casting Applications Using FortiPhy Chromium-Nitride (CrN) Surface Coatings

Injection Molding Applications Using FortiPhy UltraEnduranceSM Thin-Film Surface Coating

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FortiPhySM High-Performance Tool Coatings Help Paper Cutting Blades with Reduced Tool Wear: Protects Metal Surface Finishes of Blades to Last Longer/Stay Sharper

High performance tool coatings protects metal surface finishes and offers reduced tool wear, helping cutting blades last longer.In the publishing industry, paper cutting blades must withstand a variety of materials, including plain paper, glossy resin-coated sheets, card stock, and  mixed-grade recycled materials. Regardless of the material, cutters must remain sharp to produce accurate clean cuts from one production run to the next.

High-performance FortiPhySM coating by Phygen protects metal surface finishes of cutting blades to last longer and stay sharper. FortiPhy is a super-thin coating, applied using a patented process that ensures an unprecedented level of process control and coating uniformity. Its nanocrystalline structure is free of pores, columnar structures, and inclusions, any of which could lead to cracks, corrosion, and uneven wear. A key benefit of FortiPhy’s nanocrystalline microstructure is its low coefficient of friction, which is lower than most commonly used polymers and polycarbonate materials.

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