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Physical and Mechanical Properties of FortiPhySM Chromium Nitride (CrN) Thin Film Tool Coating

Phygen produces ultra endurance coatings using our patented plasma acceleration process. The resulting nanocrystalline microstructure is extremely dense and uniform, for the toughest coatings possible. FortiPhySM coating’s key characteristics include:

  • Extreme hardness and toughness (reduced fatigue and other material breakdown)
  • High cohesive strength (unmatched adhesion)
  • Very low coefficient of friction (improved sliding, rolling, rotation, and release)
  • Excellent corrosion and abrasive wear resistance (longer useful life)
  • Low processing temperature (reduced dimensional, physical, or finish changes)
  • Inert (safer medical implants and prosthetics)
  • Approved for food contact (improved versatility in a variety of industries)

The following table details the physical properties of FortiPhy Chromium Nitride Coating as applied using Phygen's patented high-energy plasma process:

FortiPhySM UltraEnduranceSM Thin Film Tool Coating

Crystal structure



Non-columnar equiaxially grained structure

Modulus of elasticity (GPa)


Knoop microhardness
    @ 200g load, (HK)

3000 - 3500

Nanoindentation hardness, (GPa)

30 - 50

Coefficient of friction:


   Diesel fuel lubricated

0.09 - 0.12

   Dry nitrogen  

0.18 - 0.22

Surface roughness, Ra (nm)


Coating wear rate:
   Ball-on-disk test, 100N load cell 4mm WC ball,

   Coated sample

2.55 x 103 um3

   Uncoated sample

147 x 103 um3

Coefficient of thermal
   expansion (x10-6/K)

2.3 (20 - 800ºC)
7.5 (850 - 1040ºC)

Scratch Test Critical Load, N

115 - 120

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