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Phygen Coatings FortiPhySM PVD surface coating receives FDA certification

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given approval to Phygen Coatings, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN, for use of their FortiPhySM UltraEnduranceSMsuper hard, wear resistance coating in contact with all food types. FortiPhy PVD surface coating has been added to the FDA’s inventory list of effective food contact substances (FCN: 00823) for repeat-use in food processing and food packaging equipment to prevent metal-to-metal and abrasive wear to components.

FCN 00823 opens a new world of possibilities for food processors to take full advantage of the superior properties of our FortiPhy UltraEndurance coating in preventing metal-to-metal and abrasive wear. 

The food safe coating is inert, creating a protective barrier between the working surface and food product.

For more information and a consultation on preventing wear in food processing equipment, contact us today.

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