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Injection Molding Success Stories with FortiPhy PVD-based Tool and Die Coating

Die Casting Success Stories about FortiPhy Corrosion Resistant Coating

Metal Forming Success Stories with FortiPhy High Performance Surface Coating

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Die Casting Success Stories

Phygen FortiPhySM CrN Tool Coating
Helped Save Company’s Die Cast Core Pins
from Breaking and Thermal Shock Failure

Complex die designs, casting materials and production problems can contribute to die failure. FortiPhy thermal diffusion (TD) coatings toughen die surfaces to ensure maximum life and reduce friction to keep production lines running smoothly. This low-temperature PVD coating process has exceptional release properties.Near-cylindrical die casting core pins were failing due to soldering and thermal shock. Phygen applied their patented plasma-accelerated FortiPhySM die cast tool coatings. This company increased their uptime significantly thanks to FortiPhy's toughness and lower friction characteristics. — more story here

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