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Injection Molding Success Stories with FortiPhy PVD-based Tool and Die Coating

Die Casting Success Stories about FortiPhy Corrosion Resistant Coating

Metal Forming Success Stories with FortiPhy High Performance Surface Coating

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Success Stories: Low-Temperature, PVD-Based Tool Surface Coating Provides Wear Resistance to Injection Molding Applications

Low-Temperature Coating Enhances Tool Life and Performance

Using mold coatings offers numerous advantages — including longer tool life, improved tool performance and less mold maintenance needed. The last decade has seen major improvements and enhancements in surface treatment technologies.

FortiPhySM Coating Provides Longer Life for Textured Mold Surfaces

Phygen applied their FortiPhySM coatings to critical mold surfaces at Intesys. While the initial goal of reducing abrasive wear was met, an increase in corrosion resistance and mold release properties was also seen. — Tool Coating Story Here

Phygen Makes “Impossible” Molds Work for Custom Molder

Phygen tool surface coating, mold coating for injection molding applications.Phygen applied their patented plasma-accelerated FortiPhy coatings to J.D. Products' core pins in an “impossible” mold and improved release properties significantly. — Tool Coating Story Here

Better Release for Low-Draft, High-Precision Details

Low-temperature coating, PVD surface coating from Phygen Coatings, Inc.Harvey Bruce, of Thermotech, had a tough release problem with one of his critical thermoplastic molds. He turned to Phygen for help with this problem, and came away with three problems solved.
— Tool Coating Story Here

High-Performance Coating Resists Abrasive Wear at Square D

In 2000, Square D began testing Phygen coatings on its high-wear tooling components.  “The FortiPhy coating seems to work extremely well—even with out abrasive materials,” says Chad Nadgwick, tool room manager.  “Phygen’s FortiPhy coating seems to be pretty remarkable.” — Tool Coating Story Here

High-Performance Coating Helps Mold Maker Supply Superior Tooling

Bill Stommen is president of Stommen Engineering, Osseo, MN.  Stommen Engineering is a builder of close-tolerance plastic injection molds, predominately for the medical industry. — Tool Coating Story Here

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