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Metal Forming Success Stories with FortiPhy High Performance Surface Coating

Die Casting Success Stories about FortiPhy Corrosion Resistant Coating

Injection Molding Success Stories with FortiPhy PVD-based Tool and Die Coating

See Other Emerging Application Success Stories where FortiPhy Chromium-Nitride (CrN) Surface Coatings Have Helped.




Metal Forming Success Stories

John Antenucci of Stamco Industries, Inc., a leading metal forming and stamping company, based in Euclid, Ohio makes some of the most difficult stamping jobs work, including forming thick .250 stainless steel end caps up to 4 ½ inch deep.

What does John say about Phygen’s turnaround?

“Service from Phygen Coatings is EXCELLENT! They consistently beat their promised delivery date. On our latest hot job, Paul the Phygen production coordinator, promised delivery on a Thursday and we actually received our order back on Wednesday. They must have done our job in ONE or TWO days to make that happen. I can depend on Phygen to meet my needs for the highest performance metal forming coatings for our difficult jobs and meet my short schedules for getting the FortiPhySM coatings done. I strongly recommend Phygen.”

NEW - Precision Metal Stamper Switches from Carbide Coating to Phygen FortiPhySM Low-Temperature PVD Surface Coating on DC53

Terry Giesige inspects a ball punch with Phygen FortiPhy PVD CoatingHeadquartered in Westland, MI, GT Technologies is a supplier of valve train component systems for automotive applications, commercial diesel engines,
and performance racing engines. Its stamping facility in Toledo, OH, Toledo Technologies, produces rocker arms and finger followers on high-speed transfer presses.— more story here

NEW - Glacier Vandervell Bearings Relies on Quick-Change Tooling and Phygen UltraEndurance PVD Coatings

Glacier Vandervell  Bearings relies on quick-change tooling & Phygen Ultra-Enducance PVD coatings to boost press uptime and extend die life.  Jim Pasquale is supervisor of tools & design services and Ron Saling, is tooling supervisor. Together they are working both hard and smart to keep the tooling and stamping operations on the leading edge of technology to serve the fast-paced automotive and transportation industries.Glacier Vandervell Bearings, a division of Mahle Engine Components USA Inc., is located just off Interstate 77 in Caldwell, OH, a small town about 25 miles north of Marietta. Jim Pasquale, a dedicated member of the manufacturing team for 48 years, is supervisor of tools and design services.  Ron Saling, who will celebrate 35 years at the plant in October 2007, is tooling supervisor. — more story here

NEW - Shiroki NA uses Phygen coating to eliminate major tool galling when stamping heavy gauge HSLA parts

Shiroki North America uses Phygen FortiPhy CRN coatings on the die forms that stamp the hinge and bracket components.Shiroki North America, Smithville, TN experienced severe galling when stamping high strength, low alloy seat brackets.  A special lubricant and a thermal dispersion (TD) coating provided some relief.  Still, the coating broke down after only 12-15,000 parts and the tooling had to be recoated or replaced. — more story here

NEW - Stamper Gets Maximum Production, Minimum Downtime With Phygen’s FortiPhy Coating

Pentaflex began experiencing problems with galling, lost production and downtime in their drawing applications. Pentaflex turned to FortiPhy™ coating from Phygen, Inc. and now runs continuously with reduced downtime and repairs, saving $14,000 to $20,000 annually.Pentaflex, Incorporated, Springfield, OH is a medium to heavy gauge stamper.  Their pressroom capacity ranges from 2,300 tons down to 75 tons and includes both hydraulic and mechanical presses.  Pentaflex produces heavy duty components for the tractor and trailer industry including close tolerance brake systems.  — more story here

Tougher Dies Increase Chain Maker's Productivity

Peerless Chain called for Phygen's patented  FortiPhy coating to toughen chain-forming dies. This resulted in a phenomenal increase in hits per tool, even compared to industry-standard TiN PVD coating. They plan to use FortiPhy on their wire-forming dies next. — more story here

FortiPhy Coated Forming Ring Survives without Lubrication

Phygen applied their patented plasma-accelerated FortiPhy coatings to one metal forming ring as a test case. P-K Tool nearly doubled their stamping rate. When lubrication pumps failed, only the FortiPhy-coated ring survived, without galling. The ring is still in use, with over 1 million parts produced.
— more story here

Measurable Success with FortiPhy coatings by Phygen

Header Die and Tool Inc. (HDT) called for Phygen's patented  FortiPhy coating to toughen critical forming pins. This resulted in a phenomenal increase in hits per tool, even compared to industry-standard TiN PVD coating. — more story here

Tougher Stamping Dies and Less Rework

FortiPhy tool surface coatings are the low-temperature alternative to TD process, CVD and other commercial coatings. Success stories in metal forming, die casting and injection molding applications provide proof that CrN coating ends galling, reduces lubrication and provides higher wear resistance.Beckett Gas, Inc. called for Phygen's patented  FortiPhy coating to toughen stamping dies. This resulted in consistently more hits per tool with less distortion, compared to  TiCN PVD coating. — more story here

High-Performance Coating Helps Stamper Fight Downtime

Phygen coatings for dies, molds and tools used in metal forming, die casting and injection molding applications. FortiPhy CrN ultra-endurance coatings keep critical tools running longer. Tool surface coating ends galling, reduces lubrication and provides higher wear resistance.Progressive stampers invest a lot of time, money, and energy in finding ways to fight downtime and make their presses as productive as possible. Omni Manufacturing Inc. is one such stamper. A mentality of continuous improvement permeates the entire business, including the tool room that manages hundreds of dies used in 68 stamping presses.  — more story here

PVD Coating Greatly Increases Stamping Tool Life

LuK USA doesn’t use coatings on low runs of about 5,000 pieces. But a coating is used if a die does high-volume work, 50,000 pieces or more.  “In high-pressure squeezing areas, we really need the coatings and PVD coatings are about the best for punching or blanking operations, as well as for trim dies,” says Paul Gray, section leader. — more story here

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