Low Friction Maximizes Uptime


Daniel Kantor



Dec 19, 2022


Dana, Inc. makes a variety of precision engine parts for automakers. A typical production run might produce several million tight-tolerance thrust washers or bearings. New engine designs and advanced materials add to the challenge of keeping production lines running at peak efficiency. In addition, as automakers fight to remain competitive, they apply pricing pressure on their suppliers.


To maximize uptime and the service life of production tooling, Jim Pasquale, Dana’s in-house tooling expert, relies on FortiPhy™ XVD technology. “Phygen’s process does not exceed the critical temperature of our tool steels,” he says. “This allows us to treat some of the thinner tooling without worrying about warp. I can get 10 to 12 times the life out of them.”

It really is possible

Dana, Inc. has successfully used Phygen’s process to dramatically improve the stamping of dual materials such as steel backed with bearing alloys. The low friction of FortiPhy™ XVD prevents the softer alloy from sticking to tooling, allowing the production line to run faster. Pasquale says “I have seen the biggest improvements in tool steels treated with FortiPhy XVD technology.”


life increase

“If I had unlimited resources, honestly, I would send Phygen every piece of tooling we have. We get three to ten times the life, consistently.”

Jim Pasquale

Dana Corp.