From Impossible to Profitable





Nov 8, 2022


J.D. Products, Inc., makes injection molded products for OEMs. One project, a mold to produce air filter housings that contain several barbs for attaching vacuum hoses, had difficult contours and a core pin to form a tube. When the mold opened to eject the part, the pin would stick, pulling out the barb and ruining the part.


“We struggled with this nightmare for two years,” says plant manager Jim Denney, Jr., “In addition to constant release problems, the best we could do was 3,000 to 4,000 shots before the coating wore off the core pins.” After struggling with common coatings, Denney decided to test FortiPhy™ XVD technology. The performance improvement was obvious and immediate.

It really is possible

Denney says the FortiPhy surface treatment solved the release problem, which means more uptime and less waste. “So far, we have made a couple of large runs totaling more than 20,000 shots with no scrap parts, and without changing any core pins.” He says Phygen helped him turn an “impossible” injection molding job into a profitable one.

“Phygen’s service will keep us coming back. Their technical support was very informative and their turnaround time was great.”

Jim Denney Jr.

Plant Manager, J.D. Products, Inc.