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Phygen Coatings Inc. - Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) High-Performance Tool Coating

Phygen’s patented PVD coatings (physical vapor deposition coatings) technology provides an extremely tough coating that is harder and has significantly higher abrasive wear resistance than those provided by conventional PVD surface coating processes. 

FortiPhy™ high-performance tool coating from Phygen Coatings, Inc.

Phygen Coatings, Inc. has developed patented Physical Vapor Deposition coatings (PVD surface coatings) technology based upon the principles of plasma acceleration. This process results in higher plasma density and an intense, low energy ion bombardment during coating deposition. Coatings formed by this process exhibit unprecedented toughness and lubricity, as well as outstanding uniformity. — more story here

CertiPhy™ applied by Phygen’s physical vapor deposition coatings process.

CertiPhy coating, with its characteristic dark violet color, is the result of a highly successful development program that targeted high-value tooling and the most severe applications.  It provides a top-notch graded architecture of nanolaminated layers of titanium and titanium aluminum nitrides (TiAlN), which possess extremely high resistance to heat checking and soldering.  — more story here

VeriPhy™ PVD surface coatings.
VeriPhy is a titanium nitride (TiN) based coating that was developed specifically as a cost-effective workhorse coating for die casting applications.  Phygen’s filtered arc coating deposition process provides a combination of high coating density and superior adhesion with exceptionally low levels of micro defects. — more story here

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