Shiroki’s 20x Increase





Jan 31, 2023


Shiroki North America stamps motor vehicle seat brackets from high strength, low alloy steel using a progressive die. The process had problems with galling—adhesion caused by friction. The tooling had to be polished after every 6,000-piece run and recoated or replaced after two or three runs. This increased the need for inspections to verify part quality.


Shiroki production managers learned about FortiPhy™ XVD technology at a trade show. They tested the treatment on another part, where it eliminated galling and reduced turn time by up to 70 percent. That assured them the Phygen technology would help with bracket dies. Six months and 120,000 pieces later, the FortiPhy XVD treated dies were still going strong.

It really is possible


productivity increase

By eliminating the galling problem, FortiPhy XVD has saved Shiroki North America much of the time and effort necessary for frequent part inspection and rework, each of which can cost several thousand dollars every month. The consistent, reliable production of high quality parts helps prevent downtime in the pressroom and in just-in-time assembly operations.

“I had the forms coated with FortiPhy™ XVD and let the toolmakers in the tool room tell me if it was a success. They loved it.  They couldn’t believe it.”

Ernie Dunkley

Assistant General Manager, Tooling, Shiroki North America