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Metal Forming Applications that Use FortiPhy Hard Surface Coatings

Die Casting Applications Using FortiPhy Chromium-Nitride (CrN) Surface Coatings

Injection Molding Applications Using FortiPhy UltraEnduranceSM Thin-Film Surface Coating

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Titanium Nitride (TiN/TiCN), TiAIN Coatings for Die Casting & Tooling Needs

TiN tool coating, TiAIN tool coating for tooling and die cast tool coating needs.In die casting, molten metal, typically aluminum or zinc, is injected under pressure into a steel mold, allowed to cool until it solidifies, and ejected. Complex parts can be die cast with greater uniformity and at higher production rates than normally is possible with other casting or machining processes. When all goes well, die casting is the most efficient way to produce high-quality, close-tolerance metal parts requiring little or no follow-on machining. In order to meet this goal, casting dies require an optimal combination of smooth surface finish, good release properties, thermal shock resistance, and toughness.

Complex die designs, casting materials, and production problems can contribute to high scrap rates or even die failure. Critical designs may call for reduced draft in cores or walls, complex sections, or sharp corners — all of which require die components with exceptional release properties. Other designs may call for small cores in thick sections, which can subject core pins to excessive thermal shock as they are heated and cooled repeatedly. Some casting alloys cause more buildup and soldering problems than others.

Uncoated die components can fail after only a short run. Ordinary coatings can help, but don't always work, especially in difficult applications.

Thermal shock, soldering, release problems, and wear can work against the die caster’s goal of producing precise, well-finished, and uniformly formed castings throughout multiple production runs. FortiPhySM coatings by Phygen toughen die surfaces to ensure maximum life, and reduce friction to keep production lines running smoothly.

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